7 Ways To Boost Your Company’s Reputation

7 Ways To Boost Your Company’s Reputation

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Having a good reputation is essential if you want to attract customers. There are lots of ways in which you can boost your reputation and encourage consumers to trust you. Here are just seven examples…

1. Encourage positive customer reviews

Positive customer reviews prove that you’ve got experience and that you’re able to make customers happy. Many modern consumers like to look up reviews in order to judge whether a company is trustworthy. Some of the most popular sites for leaving reviews include Google, Trip Advisor and Trust Pilot. To encourage these reviews, talk to every past happy customer you’ve had and ask them if they’d kindly leave a review. If they don’t want to set up an account, you can still collect feedback to put on your website – many sites like to feature testimonials. Testimonials can even be displayed on physical advertising such as flyers and billboards.

2. Get recommended by professional advisors and critics

Whilst a lot of people trust customer reviews, they can be easily faked and so many consumers also like to see professional recommendations. Whilst you can pay other company owners to endorse you, some people may cotton onto this. You’re better off trying to get yourself featured in publications in which reviews are done on an unbiased basis. You may also be able to get official advisors and consultancy firms to write reports on your company such as this Gartner MDM report. Getting this kind of support often involves using a PR company.

3. Build a large social media following

Many consumers also trust a company with a large social media following. Having lots of followers shows the world that lots of people know of you and that you’re well established. It is possible to buy followers, however this isn’t recommended as many social media accounts are cracking down on this behaviour. Instead, try to encourage all your friends and family members to follow you, as well as getting your clients and employees to follow you.  

4. Gain awards and extra qualifications

Awards and qualifications show that you’re able to meet a certain standard. There are plenty of local business award schemes out there that companies of all sizes can compete in – it could be worth entering your business to see if you can win an award. Qualifications meanwhile are useful if you’re an individual. Gaining qualifications above the minimum requirements can often wow consumers – to work as a licensed electrician you’ll obviously need an electrical license, but consider working towards your diamond certification as this will show people that you’re not just licensed but an expert.

5. Host seminars and workshops

Consumers trust a professional that is knowledgeable. A great way to prove that you are knowledgeable is to host seminars and workshops such as these accounting seminars hosted by Fred Pryor. These could be aimed at budding professionals in your trade or they could be aimed at consumers. Either way, it will show that you’re confident in your knowledge and that you’re therefore confident at what you’re doing.

6. Offer advice via blogging/vlogging

Another way to show people that you’re knowledgeable is to share advice in the form of blog posts and YouTube videos. You can write blog posts on your website or you can try approaching other site owners as a guest writer. Meanwhile, when it comes to vlogging, you can set up your own YouTube channel to dedicate regular videos to giving out advice. To ensure credibility when blogging, consider investing in a good camera and microphone so that your videos are high quality.  

7. Get involved in charity and local community support projects

Showing an altruistic side can be good for business – it shows that you have good intentions and customers will therefore trust you more to care about their needs. There are so many ways to get involved in charity and your community. Find a cause that you’re passionate about and start dedicating some time to supporting that cause whether its offering funding or doing hands-on work.  

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