5 reasons to sell your long term Shares Holdings.

Holding shares for long term have always been my number one priority. I’ve always tried to stick to basic fundamentals of identifying good steady future growth shares and owning that company. The first shares I sold made me about 35% profit, however the same share soared to three times from my purchased value 18 months later.

It takes time and research before an investors commits to owning a portion of a company. To part with the shares in a few months, years or decades later takes alot of bravery and commitment as well. Selling long term shares usually changes the core fundamentals of the portfolio. It could range from a major movement in the industry to reduce the risk in the portfolio, or capitalising the profits.

Every investor always tries to forecast the future trying to predict the next share price (rise or drop) to determine buying, holding or selling the share. This is completely wrong as none of us, even Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, cannot predict the future. A Good Investor should consider what they can control. Next my 5 reasons when to sell your shares!

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Final words, I would avoid selling my shares if possible. This is only perfectly possible if I have selected companies which would still be standing the next 50 years, I have enough cash funds each time I discover a good opportunity and I am always ahead of identifying the next big boom industry.

Long term investment is always the priority. If a sell is required we have to look forward and not regret the move.

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