3 Key Steps Before Starting an Investment

Many people ask how I always go on holidays with my family and yet have enough money to invest? Why am I making investment sound so easy? How am I so relax about the ongoing inflation and increasing cost of good and services? It is not easy and it takes a lot of discipline and partnership teamwork within the family. These are my simplified three steps anyone must take before they dip into investments.

Wealth is not measured by how you Earn but appraised by how you Save.


It is very important to sort out any household and personal debt and expenditure. Rainy day savings is a must regardless of your stage in life. A financial guru always once told me that we should have saved at least one years salary before 35 and double that before 40. At retirement we need at least 8 times our salary in savings before 60. It is not an easy journey but many people have quietly done so. They are known as ‘Rich People’. Rich means on how much they have saved and not how much they have earned.

Poor Person = $1,500,000 (income) – $2,000,000 (expenditure) = Debt

Rich Person = $40,000 (income) – $20,000 (expenditure) = Financial Freedom

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