9 key steps to Keep Customers Coming Back

Is customer retention becoming a real problem for your business? If so, you need to act fast and start moving in a more positive direction. You will only be left with regrets and problems if you don’t because leaking customers can be massively damaging, especially if you’re not replacing them with new ones. Keeping your customers coming back isn’t easy and there isn’t always an obvious solution, but there are lots of small changes that’ll make it possible.

The Offline Marketing Techniques That Still Work in a Digital World

As a side hustler or part time business, you need to be an excellent marketing expert to get your brand to be seen. We live in a digital age of social media marketing, however breaking through requires alot of investment. Not ideal for start-ups or family person side hustler.

However one should still visit offline marketing possibilities because getting your product and face out there still holds good return on investment.