Should I buy the new iPhone X, Apple Watch 3 and Apple TV 4K? Or Instead Buy 10 Apple Shares today.

Apple have impressed the world again with their new released products. I am an Apple fan boy myself and I would love to buy all the three new products announced today. I also realised that the total price of this three new products (iPhone X +Apple Watch 3 and Apple TV4K) is equivalent to 10 Apple shares in todays price. Which one should I go for?

iPhone X ($999) + Apple Watch 3 ($399) + Apple TV4K ($199) = 10 Apple Shares ($1600)

In June 2009, I spent $600 on a the state of the art iPhone 3. I enjoyed the phone and was my best gadget by my every side for three long years. It broke three years later and was worth £0.

If I had used my hard earn $600 and invested on 30 apple shares @ $20ea shares in June 2009; my shares would have been worth $5000 today!

Therefore I am writing this post to remind myself and also my readers before they proceed to spend the hard earned cash.



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