Month: September 2017

3 Key Steps Before Starting an Investment

Many people ask how I always go on holidays with my family and yet have enough money to invest? Why am I making investment sound so easy? How am I so relax about the ongoing inflation and increasing cost of good and services? It is not easy and it takes a lot of discipline and partnership teamwork within the family. These are my simplified three steps anyone must take before they dip into investments.

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Should I buy the new iPhone X, Apple Watch 3 and Apple TV 4K? Or Instead Buy 10 Apple Shares today.

Apple have impressed the world again with their new released products. I am an Apple fan boy myself and I would love to buy all the three new products announced today. I also realised that the total price of this three new products (iPhone X +Apple Watch 3 and Apple TV4K) is equivalent to 10 Apple shares in todays price. Which one should I go for?

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Financial Investment for our Kids. Issue#1

Having kids is a financially straining expense with the outgoing cash flow for raising kids increases with their age. During key milestones period between the age of 17 to 21, the expenses such as birthday parties, buying a car, university starts increasing exponentially. That is the shinning age where our children generally go to colleague or university to pursue their dreams. The answer to the golden question, is to start a financial investment from the day they were born. Simply because there is likelihood of spare cash at their earlier childhood compared to later teenage stage.

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Mid-Life Dilemma: Top School MBA versus Stock Investment Portfolio [Min Cost = £80,000]

Today I spoke to a collogue at work and found out that he got accepted for the Top Business School in Europe. The Fees for INSEAD Business school is 80,000 Euros which is not including accommodation and travel from his home country. My ambitious and smart colleague is 35 and hoping for a career boost with his MBA. I asked him, why not invest your £80,000 savings in 100% stock portfolio to grow your wealth? Lets break down the figures.

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