Tech Stocks for under 50p a share!

As of 24th July 2017; Apple is $150.27, Facebook is $164.43, Microsoft is $73.79 and Google $993.84 each shares. Owning each of these shares today could cost more than $1400. Tech stocks are the hottest stocks to own since 2012 and still climbing since President Trump took the hot seat. There is definitely no slowing down for these technology stocks. 

2017 is also not a good year to buy US stocks as the US dollars are on a record high. Making any currency exchange expensive and second thoughts about investing on US technology stocks and shares.

Without further delay, I would like to share how you can own these stocks for under 50p a share! No joke, no tricks and no forms to fill. Please like my Facebook if you like my recommendation 🙂

The only way to own these highly regarded technology stocks is via an Index fund. See bellow for its allocation:-


This index contains 15% Apple, 10% Microsoft, 11% Google, and almost 5% of Facebook. The remaining are also world recognised technology stocks.

The make the index even more attractive is the cost of owning this index funds. No hefty fund manager fees or performance fees!

screenshot 3.png

This index fund is not new and have been around for quite a few years.screenshot 2.png


screenshot 4.png

Link Below

Technology Stock


Tech Stocks via


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