Main Portfolio

Main Portfolio

Risk Reward

This is MooMooCoo's showcase of our stocks and shares portfolio against other index and funds in the market.

Virgin Portfolio

High Risk Growth Portfolio, 
which has a short term time scale of under 40 months to establish a targeted profit. The capital is an interest free loan leverage from Virgin Bank, hence the name of the portfolio.

Virgin Portfolio Profit 42%

Profits 101%
Profits 60.71%
Jupiter Asian Funds
Profits 39.32%
Profits 27.37%

F.U. Portfolio

Family Growth Portfolio, 
which is a personal funded stocks and shares account to grow the family wealth. F.U. stands for family unite. A strategic passive shares portfolio which requires minimum maintenance.

F.U. Portfolio Profit 101% %

Amazon = 174%
Activision Blizzard
Profits 82%
Profits 53%
Profits 53%
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