Investment Guides

Investment Guides

Have you considered a passive income from your stock and shares portfolio?

Do you know when you want to retire? Retirement means spending the weekday 8am-5pm spending time with family and working on projects you are passionate about. My passion is marathons, research and videography. To do these at 55 years old may be too late to achieve as my body may be past its peak. 

Stocks and Shares investment is one of the easiest passive income generator of our society today. Yes, there is a possible risk of losing the entire capital however the level of risk is lower if you understand the basic fundamentals. We have seen multiple market crash over the last century and have sufficient data and experience to anticipate and build a robust portfolio. Living in the age of internet, we can deal investment from the comfort of our own home without going to the bank and listen to bank advisor delivering advise which they do not obey themselves. Please follow my journey and would like to share some tips and advise how you can start your passive income stocks and shares portfolio.

The ultimate goal is to help my readers achieve an automatic passive income stocks and shares portfolio

Please read the following few rules carefully and re-read them search and every time before you action/invest your savings.

3 Check Box Before Considering Investment

  • Make sure you already have Emergency Savings.
  • Make sure you understand the Investment Risk, yes you could potentially lose everything.
  • Stocks Investment is long term and not get rich quick scheme.

How can passive income help early retirement?

If you can save up to £1.5 million dollars before 40. You can actually generate a 5% yearly growth which pays you £6,250 a month before tax. I have read a blog by an investment banker in London where she worked hard for 8 years and saved £2m and retired by 35 cause her investment income is generating more cash than her pay. She used her free time to work on her passion like photography and blogging to generated additional income after.

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