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Key Importance of Family Savings

My dad always reminded that family is our number one priority regardless the size. As a father I started understanding the importance of providing the best to my family. The number one ingredient to keeping it all afloat is 'TIME'. Time investment is the most important factor regardless of your occupation and hobby. Lot of sacrifices is accepted to put our family ahead of everything else.

My dad also strongly emphasis that we need to ensure we have enough rainy day savings for any life surprises. Its always better to have issues which money can deal with than problems which we cannot control. We still need luxuries in our daily lives to remind us to learn how to make and earn more money as we go along and never ever stop learning.

"Not Enough Money is Root to All Evil" - Robert Kiyosaki

You are not a rich person until you savings and control your outgoing finances. The Aston Martin, Marble kitchen floor and 20m yatch does not count as they depreciate in value over time. A Rich person is one who can control grow his savings and provide the minimum for their family.

Smart Investment Passive Income

A young family should have enough savings to cover for 6 months basic expenses in case the bread winner loses their job.

Never ever leave money 'under the bed' as they do not grow and loses its value from inflation. I started investing when my first child turns two from a long term investment guru whom have grown her investment to support her child's university funds. Savings alone can only take you so far and investment provides a steroid effect if applied correctly. We must always understand the risk in investments as mistakes can cost the entire capital.

"We need to find a second source of income while we sleep or else we will be working forever" - Warren Buffett

Do you know that an automatic shares portfolio of yearly 7% annual returns can generate income enough to cover our yearly expenses. When this happens you have achieve Financial Freedom and can officially retire. Many millennials have achieve this success before the age of 40.

Millennial Retirement means spending your 9-5 time doing the things you love instead of a day job!